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Our Latest: The Book of the Horned One

Friends! With great pleasure I can tell you that "The Book of the Horned One" by Aion 131 has made its way through the final proofing process. There were some issues with the cover (sigh, I've not yet got a cover right on the first pass), but it's looking good now! We've gone for a larger size for this one, (7x10), it is hardcover and has art throughout from Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule. It is a new step in the development our of books, striving for greater beauty. I know you will enjoy it!

The Book of the Horned One: A Gate of Pan Magick

The Book of the Horned One cover

7x10 in., Hardcover, 340 pp.
Lavishly Illustrated
ISBN: 978-0-9843729-5-9

About the Book

For me the most fundamental path, the most primal path, is that of the beginning, the Nameless (before speech), the Infinite (before time), The One who is All and None. There is no name for this, no label for the wild stirrings that fill and inform my mind, heart and body—so I call it Pan. In this way it has a presence, a body, a focus, a BEING, and so in this way I have been able to converse with, play with, make love with, consume and be consumed by the primal wilderness archetype that fills me, one that is truer than all other illusions. Through a mask the unnamable is approachable, and Pan is the ultimate mask of endless contradictions united, of seeing the divine in One, in All and in None —all at once.


Concrescent Press at the Esoteric Book Conference


Concrescent Press will be at the Esoteric Book Conference this weekend.

We are pleased to announce that at 4pm Saturday Aion 131, the author of "The Book of the Horned One" will be doing a book signing.

If you are in town, please come stop by our booth and say hello!
sam webster, publisher

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