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Printer-friendly versionรับทำเว็บไซต์When it comes to choosing jewellery designs, you can easily get lost and confused. There are unending designs for every type of precious gem or stone you can think of. In every shop or online shop you visit, you can find a number of new and old jewellery designs. But here we will be talking about only pearls jewellery designs. Choices are unending here too. Infact, you can find a lot of design collection of pearl jewellery. But if you are looking for something specific then you can narrow down your search. Just a couple of years ago you could find only studs and floral patterns as designs as options. The most common color used to be white only. But not anymore. Freshwater pearls have also been in a variety of colors, it is just that their demands have gone up in the recent years. Women have started to experiment with the colors and the different designs that pearls come in. they are perfect for every occasion and give a different type of strength to a woman