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Introducing Concrescent Letters!

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I am pleased to announce that the Concrescent family of books is growing! Until now Concrescent Press has only published advanced works of esotericism and magick. But when two new works of literature were presented to us, we could not pass them up! Thus a new imprint: Concrescent Letters

Here they are:

Blessing of the Sun Poetry by Christine Berger

Well known to her fans on FaceBook, Christine began writing around age fifty, never having picked up a pen (or keyboard) before that. As a practicing witch for 26 years, and a practioner of eclectic spiritual paths through her lifetime, from Buddhism to Golden Dawn, writing provides her with a safety valve for emotional release and a way of sharing for a strong introvert. Identifying with Nature and Gaia as Mother, as well as peak experiences from spiritual practice, and the blessing of a strong community provide much of the inspiration for her poems, as well as the blessing of meeting the love of her life at nearly age sixty.

Lady Midnight: A Novel by James Robert French

Fifteen years ago, they murdered her lover and pinned the crime on her. Now, Andrea Styx uses her psychic abilities and occult training in the service of an organization dedicated to the downfall of a corrupt system. But the arrival of a new protege brings her past screaming to her own back door, and awakens doubts about the purpose to which she has dedicated her life.

She has a plan. The Cosmos has other ideas…


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New for August. . .

Introducing Concrescent Letters!

Blessing of the Sun:
Poetry by Christine Berger

Lady Midnight:
A Novel by James Robert French

I'm sure you will enjoy them!

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